In 30 words, or less, how has Teen Challenge impacted your life? Maybe it was the tool God used to restore your family. Maybe God led your son or daughter to Teen Challenge and has given you, and them, a new hope.

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Teen Challenge has been amazing experience. People in my life are able to trust me again and I have hope for a brighter future.

- Brett

Teen challenge saved my life, I was a prostitute and IV heroin user that can say I've been clean for a year and a half and counting!!! Thank you TC!!!

- Samantha

I'm in ATC now and thank God for this ministry. On pass and in church today. If anyone doubts this program just look at the saved lives..Nickole

- Nickole

I came to Teen Challenge 5 years ago and since I have a relationship with God, gained custody of my son, and graduated college.

- Carol

Teen challenge showed me the intimacy of our Heavenly Father and my relationship with Christ will never be the same!❤️

- Tacia

The real God has revealed Himself to the real me. I was bound by the blood of the needle and I've been set free by the blood of Christ. Amen!

- Angel

God has turned my life around. In 1969 I went into the TC program in Houston Texas. I have not been the same since. He is still working on me today.

- Keith

Teen Challenge helped me overcome addiction by introducing me to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

- Robert

I was headed toward death at a high rate of speed but God intervened and allowed me to go to Teen Challenge. Through T.C. my life has been changed forever!!!

- Nathan

Teen Challenge has started restoration in my family and I thank God for that every day!

- Marilyn

Teen Challenge makes my spirit feel like it's being fed miracle grow.

- Tiffaney

Teen challenge has changed the way I think, the way I live, and the way I love. I am now a new creation! I thank God for Teen Challenge!

- Maddie

God has used Teen Challenge as my potters wheels journey. Teen Challenge has saved my life and made me a better man - a man that God can use for His glory.

- Alex

TC introduced me to Jesus! I knew about Him but had never had a relationship with Him. Taught me about forgiveness and how to live free! Praise God for TC!

- Joseph

I have learned of God's redeeming Grace and the perfect, unconditional Love He has for me. This revelation has set me free from all bondages of the enemy!

- Adam

Teen Challenge has showed me that God is not only real, but also that he loves me and wants only what's best for me and will do anything for me.

- Chaz

I came to Teen Challenge at age 48. I was bound and hopeless. God literally transformed me. Today I am a Life Coach. God turned my mess into a message.

- Alicia

Teen Challenge has changed my life completely. I have learned how to study God's word and apply it to my life. I now know how to live for God.

- Hank

My life has been majorly impacted by Teen Challenge I no longer want to ever use drugs again. All of my family members have forgiven me for my past mistakes !

- Sonny

Teen Challenge is the instrument of restoration God has used in my life. My relationship with my son, my job, my true friends, my church. Praise God for Teen Challenge.

- Toby

God opened doors and led us to Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge was an answer to prayer and instrumental in restoring our son's life after many years of addiction.

- Deb

I walk in God's light. Where once I was a child of wrath, now my heart's pure and I LOVE EVERYBODY!!

- Christopher

Before coming to Teen Challenge, I was in a very dark, hate filled, and hopeless situation. Since graduating the program, I have found Faith, Hope, and Love!!

- Peyton

God used Teen Challenge in a mighty way to restore my family and bring back the HOPE that He does have a purpose for us all!

- Rachel

Teen Challenge showed me the hope of Jesus and I now share that same hope with others who are just like I was.

- Deric

Teen Challenge taught me to never give up, be obedient, be disciplined and love myself as God gave his only son to die for us.

- Katie

Teen Challenge taught me to never give up and be obedient, not matter the problem. Jesus did the same for me on the cross.

- Katherine

I did not go through Teen Challenge, but I have been blessed to be part of the staff and see how this program changes lives by pointing people to Christ.

- Tony